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So what is this going to be? A little bit of everything I think. Maybe that's it. What I'm thinking. What I'm believing. I hope what I'm knowing. And why would anyone care what I think I know? There's no reason in the world that you should. But then why are you here? Cuz you have to be somewhere I suppose. I've never been here before. I may not be back. I might get too busy to care; time is short. That's fine. Nobody can deal with it all at once. There is a lot to deal with.

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I try not to take myself too seriously, but I know I have far too much. So I'm trying to learn how to laugh again, as I had forgotted for a while there. Also I'm relearning to enjoy life; you know, like when we were kids. The biggest challenge ahead is learning how to love God with all my heart, and soul, and mind, and strength. This one is not really that hard when you know the truth. But along with it comes learning to love others as I love myself, and that one is, as they say, "a horse of a whole different color." I think I need to learn to love myself a little more, but the problem may be that I know all these facts about me. Sometimes the facts are simply wrong or they are just stuck in the past. I'm trying to get my facts to line up with the truth. As someone once asked a great man, "what is truth?" If he had only known.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Bible: Getting to Know You!

How do friendships get started? Usually with a little bit of small talk. From there, over time, the conversations can get a bit deeper. Some get too deep too fast. Others may never get deep at all and there are some folks who really prefer it that way. Everyone should rightfully be allowed to be different, but everyone has to communicate at some level in order to know others and then by them be known.
I was talking to a fellow the other day who was quite a "name-dropper." I heard how well he knew his neighbors, Julia Roberts and Donald Rumsfeld for example. It was true, I'm sure, or else he could have come up with bigger and better names than that. Now that I think about it, an old friend of mine used to talk all the time about the people with whom he had dined, drunk, and slept. The list was pretty impressive as I recall. He was even in line to the throne of England, or so he said, but he admitted that about 64 people would have to come to an early demise for his dreams to ever be realized. The point is that everyone wants to be connected to other people. If the other people are important "others," well that never seems to hurt either.
So what was God's idea in giving us a Bible? The title of this post is about the Bible, remember? Was the Bible a set of rules? Yes, that was a part. Was it an instruction manual for life? Yes, that is true as well. Was it just ancient nonsense as some think? Or was it Holy Writ? Both really. One definition of holy writ would be "the writing derived from a divine power." And the Bible definitely speaks about some of the ancient nonsense that has gone on before us. What's the Bible really all about? In one man's opinion, okay, this man specifically. Me. I think that the Bible is mostly just God talking about Himself. Talking to us, if we will listen, and giving us a chance to get to know Him a little better. That's how everyone gets to know the people around them. By talking to them. Who doesn't want to know and be known by those we really care about. If we are made in God's image, we should not be surprised that God also wants to be known by those He really cares about. By us. You and me.
If God really wants to be known by those people He created, why doesn't He just come down here and make Himself known to us? H-e-l-l-o! He did just that. But that was 2000 years ago. Are we so egotistical that we think He has to do it every day? That's why He wrote that book. To give us a clue! Get a clue. Read the book. Get to know Him. He is the most important "other" you will ever meet.
“Be still, and know that I am God!” Psalm

...you will grow as you learn to know God better
and better.
Colossians 1:10 (NLT)
~ rachman


Blogger S. Scott Craft said...

I have known people who had the same name has a famous person.

3/3/07 12:33 PM  
Blogger rachman said...

Hey Scott, me too! Who'd you know? I knew Billy Graham. No, not that Billy. The one I knew had to be the exact opposite of the famous one. For every yin, there's a yang, or something like that.

4/3/07 2:33 AM  

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