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So what is this going to be? A little bit of everything I think. Maybe that's it. What I'm thinking. What I'm believing. I hope what I'm knowing. And why would anyone care what I think I know? There's no reason in the world that you should. But then why are you here? Cuz you have to be somewhere I suppose. I've never been here before. I may not be back. I might get too busy to care; time is short. That's fine. Nobody can deal with it all at once. There is a lot to deal with.

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I try not to take myself too seriously, but I know I have far too much. So I'm trying to learn how to laugh again, as I had forgotted for a while there. Also I'm relearning to enjoy life; you know, like when we were kids. The biggest challenge ahead is learning how to love God with all my heart, and soul, and mind, and strength. This one is not really that hard when you know the truth. But along with it comes learning to love others as I love myself, and that one is, as they say, "a horse of a whole different color." I think I need to learn to love myself a little more, but the problem may be that I know all these facts about me. Sometimes the facts are simply wrong or they are just stuck in the past. I'm trying to get my facts to line up with the truth. As someone once asked a great man, "what is truth?" If he had only known.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Words, Words, Words

I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

Matthew 12:36-37

Words are a lot more important than most people realize. Words can make us or break us. A man named Job, once said to his "friends," How long will you torture me? How long will you try to crush (or break) me with your words? ~Job 19:2 (NLT) Everyone has heard the old line that goes, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." We use this logic to soothe the hurt feelings of little children, but the reality is that words can and do break us.
The importance we give to the individual speaking determines the credence we give to their words. Children often are the product of their parents' words. Young people can be the product of their friends' words, if there is no other voice speaking into their lives. As adults today we are the product of the words we spoke yesterday. If we don't like our life today, we need to change the words we are speaking for a better life tomorrow.
Words make us or break us. Words strengthen us or weaken us. According to the wisdom of the Bible, words can destroy us, or words can cause us to be full of life, happiness, and health. In Mark 11:23, Jesus said that "we will have whatever we say." This phrase could be spoken like this: We will have the WORDS that we speak. What words have you been speaking of late? When you have that inner dialogue running in your head, what words are spoken? When you speak out loud about yourself, is it just the old garbage others have told you in the past or is it something new.
If we want something new to say, we must make Jesus the Lord of our lives, and let His words become more important than those old words spoken by parents or friends, or even the current words coming from a spouse or from our own heads every minute of the day. Jesus said, "I came that [you] may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). (John 10:10) That's pretty powerful. Instead of making up "confessions" or "affirmations" that we might be able to believe or we might not, let's take a look at what God has said about us. God said "my purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life." (John 10:10) Some folks are afraid of what God may want for us, but if words mean anything, and they do, then we know what God wants for us. We must meditate on those words and then speak them out of our mouths. We will have the words that we speak.
~ rachman


Blogger GhostRose said...

Thank you, Rachman. I'm not a christian, but your posts are lovely. :-)

I love how it speaks to people on all spiritual levels. I needed that.

6/3/07 12:56 PM  
Blogger rachman said...

Ms. Ghostrose, I'm glad you dropped by to visit. You are kind to make your comments.

I hope I do speak to people on all spiritual levels. We're all on the same journey, albeit on different paths.

Blessings on you and on your journey.

6/3/07 3:22 PM  
Blogger S. Scott Craft said...

That was a pretty post. Are you studying to be a minister? You would make a good one.
Keep up the good work.

6/3/07 11:09 PM  
Blogger rachman said...

Hi Scott, I'm not planning on being a minister as such. But I hope that I relate to people on all walks of life. None of us makes the journey alone, they say.

Thanks for comming by, my friend. It's always good to see that pipe. (I've got a soft spot for a pipe, I think cuz my dad smoked a pipe, and he left several to me. Unfortunately they were lost in the last move. I'll have to pick up a new one. What should I look for? I'd rather you tell me than the guy in the tobacco shop.)

6/3/07 11:56 PM  
Blogger Clay Feet said...

I find your thoughts about words somewhat intriguing, particularly since I have been reading a book about words the past few days. It is called Meaningless Words and Broken Covenants by Tim Coody. It is making a real deep impression on me. I am beginning to believe that our use, or more like misuse, of words may lie at the root of most of our problems, our spiritual numbness and our inability to relate to others or to God.

8/3/07 5:32 AM  
Blogger rachman said...

Hello C.F.,
Thank you for your comments. I couldn't agree more that our words make a great deal of difference in our lives.

I've been hearing this for some years, but I'm just now beginning to let it sink in and finally apply it to my own life. I have seen changes, in little ways perhaps, but changes nonetheless. Gee...maybe what the Bible says has been true all along. (Just kidding.)

I'm still learning, but I hope that never changes. If I find it at the library, I may look into the book you suggested. Thanks for the tip. I've enjoyed your visit, C.F.

Later ~ rachman

8/3/07 3:56 PM  

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