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So what is this going to be? A little bit of everything I think. Maybe that's it. What I'm thinking. What I'm believing. I hope what I'm knowing. And why would anyone care what I think I know? There's no reason in the world that you should. But then why are you here? Cuz you have to be somewhere I suppose. I've never been here before. I may not be back. I might get too busy to care; time is short. That's fine. Nobody can deal with it all at once. There is a lot to deal with.

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I try not to take myself too seriously, but I know I have far too much. So I'm trying to learn how to laugh again, as I had forgotted for a while there. Also I'm relearning to enjoy life; you know, like when we were kids. The biggest challenge ahead is learning how to love God with all my heart, and soul, and mind, and strength. This one is not really that hard when you know the truth. But along with it comes learning to love others as I love myself, and that one is, as they say, "a horse of a whole different color." I think I need to learn to love myself a little more, but the problem may be that I know all these facts about me. Sometimes the facts are simply wrong or they are just stuck in the past. I'm trying to get my facts to line up with the truth. As someone once asked a great man, "what is truth?" If he had only known.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Catch Me if You Can

Matthew 28:19 (NLT) says, "Therefore, go (and make disciples of all the nations...)" This is called the great commission and was the last command given to us, in the book of Matthew by Jesus, or God, the Son. In other words, Just before Jesus left this planet, His instructions to us were these: "Go forward," or "Get busy." Too many of us come into a relationship with God and then sit down in the church and never do another thing.

This is not meant to put condemnation on anyone. No, really! We all have to grow and find out what God is calling us to do. The twelve disciples had been training for three years and then Jesus told them to not do anything, but wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit got there (Luke 24:49). But once He got there the church grew from one hundred and twenty souls to three thousand in one day. The Holy Spirit is here now; quit waiting around.

Followers of Christ, myself included, must learn to start moving forward and not continue to "wait on the Lord." As a side note: waiting on the Lord means to serve, as in wait tables, etc. Not sitting back with our arms folded, thinking, "when is God going to do something." God works with those who are moving forward, not sitting still. I'm still learning this one "my own self."

Ephesians 5:1 (NLT) says, "Follow God's example in everything you do, because you are his dear children." God wants us to follow him, both literally and figuratively. It is like a parent and child. A father wants a son to follow in his footsteps. God wants us to follow in His. He moved first: He died on a cross and rose from the grave for us. Now we have to move: we accept Him as savior and receive His salvation. He continues to move and waits for us to make the next move through out our lives. This is one of the ways He leads us. (Notice that God doesn't push us; He leads and draws us. Like a lover. God can be all things to us. A lover? Yes. A father? Yes. What do you need? )

God wants us to work with Him and participate in the things He is doing in the world. This was the original plan from the beginning. "To walk in the garden with us in cool of the day" and discuss the things every parent and child or every loving couple discusses in the evenings. "What did we do today," and "what will we do tomorrow" and isn't it good just to be together. We have missed out on a lot.

How could anyone keep up with God? It's true that He is always ahead of us, but He is always waiting for us to take the next step. To get a little closer. He plays the original game of "Catch me if you can!" He wants us to try. I don't think He will ever let us completely catch up, but image how far we will go if we try. God has let it happen at least once before. Look at Enoch.

Hebrews 11:5 (NLT) say, "It was by faith that Enoch was taken up to heaven without dying--'suddenly he disappeared because God took him.' But before he was taken up, he was approved as pleasing to God." God took Enoch to heaven without Enoch having to die because he was pleasing to God. Wow, that's what I would call catching up to God.

~ rachman


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